• COAL

    The coal industry is under regulatory scrutiny in terms of spillage and dust emissions.


    Studies show that most wagon spillage is from the top , shaken off from the wagon body after depositing during loading and leaked from the bottom dump doors after discharge (load not being fully discharged). Coal then deposits itself on nearby structure or lies on track accelerating corrosion on track fastenings.


    iMODAL has technologies to improve all of these situations


    Profiling, wash and veneering stations

    Low volume and short mine lease mines often avoid the expense of bin load out system and revert to front end loader systems. This leads to underloaded wagons and excess spillage.


    The IMODAL system allows for additional loading as it spreads excess loaded areas into spare space, veeners it and then washes the wagon. Tests show that there is potential to gain 7% extra load per wagon.


    This system can be adapted to fine tune flood type bin loader systems to ensure the wagons or closer to the correct weight every time rather than under or overloading (lost revenues or transit penalties)

    This will also avoid costly delays in removing excess coal.

    Track Cleaning

    Our specialised track cleaners can also be applied to cleaning up stacker reclaimer tracks so that the operator can inspect the condition of the track fastenings and know when to replace them.


    Track cleaning

    New track cleaner machine capable of cleaning this track, to be advised soon


    Multi function load preparation suitable for front end loading and bin train load out sites. Can also be fitted with in track weighing systems, cctv, environmentally friendly veneering.